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Climate Change Knowledge on Training

Erasmus + Strategic Partnership for the Exchange of good Practices – 2019-1-IT02-KA204-062278

Click on T is a project co-financed by the European Community under the ERASMUS PLUS program for the exchange of good practices. Designed by Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile and with the technological and intellectual support of NKey srl, the project aims to create educational courses dedicated to raising awareness of adults on the topic of climate change and environmental emergency.

Click on T brings together 5 nations, Italy, Spain, Poland, Lithuania and Romania and includes 20 months of work starting in September 2019 to end in April 2021 (Due to the Covid emergency, the partners asked for a one-year extension, so the project will end in April 2022). The work of the partners will be marked by 8 transnational meetings, three TPMs and five LTTs where they will share experiences, put a point in the contents and monitor the results recorded from time to time. You’ll be able to follow all the phases of the work in the various sections.

The project responds to the urgent need for attention to environmental issues imposed by the acceleration of climate change. The European Community, which has always been sensitive to the problem, experiences the disinterest of its adult citizens as dangerous with respect to the commitment that each of us should take to help reduce CO2 emissions. “Click on T”, as the title says, points to the problem of Earth and will develop useful tools for adult education with non-formal techniques and digital media. A word of mouth about environmental awareness that, with the commitment of the partners from the various countries, will be disseminated among the adult members of our Europe.

Step by step

Vilnius LTT5 “Target-oriented communication”

Si è svolto in Lituania, da martedì 15 a venerdì 18 marzo 2022, la quinta ed ultima delle mobilità internazionali LTTA: Learning, Teaching and Training Activities previste dal progetto Erasmus Plus “Click on T”. Dopo l’esperienza in Romania, svoltasi a gennaio, i referenti di Fondazione…

In the Click on T project are involved:


Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile   Italy

FTS, creator of the Click on T project, was born in 2002 from the will of people interested in sharing their disciplinary and professional experiences in order to promote models of sustainable development through research and dissemination of knowledge. Toscana Sustainable Foundation is a subject of study and research which, through the study of the complex interactions between the socio-economic and ecological-territorial dimensions as well as environmental education and scientific dissemination activities, promotes sustainability by seeking to favor the integration of policies and the participation of social actors.

Asociatia Pro-Xpert   Romania

Founded in 2005 by people with strong experience in both project management and adult education, the Pro Xpert Association is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the local community and to synchronization of Romanian society with European society. The environmental theme has been a topic at the center of Pro Xpert’s interest and of its training for many years.

Centrum Edukacji i Badan Spolecznych   Poland

CEBS is a non-profit association based in Wroclaw-Poland, an important university center and today certainly the most European city in the whole country. Its mission is to support the development of civil society, education and promote the entrepreneurship, with particular regard to groups exposed to the risks of social, economic and interpersonal exclusion. The scope of intervention of the CEBS focuses on adult education and on the study of unconventional educational forms that help educational processes. This makes CEBS an indispensable partner of the Click on T. project

Federacion EFA Galicia   Spain

Federacion EFA Galicia is an institution founded in 1971 to promote vocational training in rural areas. Its training courses involve dozens of entrepreneurs, students and workers every year. The ability to penetrate the territory and the undisputed skills in education and training make the Federacion EFA Galizia an ideal partner in the Click on T. project

Socialiniu investiciju valdymo centras   Lithuania

Socinvest is a small non-governmental and non-profit organization that focuses mainly on non-formal adult education and counseling. The Center has created a strong network of relationships with local communities and municipalities in different regions of Lithuania. The Center has no members, but its core is made up of non-formal education specialists, scientists, politicians, public relations consultants, community consultants and trade unions whose partnership allows the association to offer a very high level service.


Simone Pagni, Italia – environmental engineer and trainer, Click on T project manager

Vida Augulienė, Lithuania – former director of the hydro-meteorological service of Lithuania

José Manuel Campos, Spain – trainer in ICT and Technical Director of IDTR (Rural Research and Technological Sustainable Development)

Laurentiu Ciocarlan, Romania –green activist and protected area specialist

José Gil, Spain – agronomist and trainer expert in sustainable systems of production and soil analysis

Ramon Lamelo, Spain – technician at the Regional Ministry of Rural Affairs

Rosa Leis, Spain – European coordinator and project developer

Constante Lorenzo, Spain – agronomist and trainer in agricultural facilities and systems of production

Danuta Łukasińska, Poland – graduated in Earth and Environmental Sciences and president of the Ekopotencjal Foundation in Wrocław

Martinas Norbutas, Lithuania – European parliamentary assistant, green activist and former deputy minister of the environment

Beata Partyka, Poland – specialist in project management, social research, multi-sectorial cooperation, development of educational programs, international cooperation

Silvia Petre, Romania – bachelor in physics and master degree in project management

Enrique Rodriguez, Spain – rural promotion centers manager

Carla Sabatini, Italia – computer scientist and IT expert

Liutauras Stoškus, Lithuania – director of the Sustainable Development Center and environmental expert

Cristina Tataru, Romania  – chemistry engineer,  commissioner of Consumer Protection Romania


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