The second LTT (experiences and learning activities) of the Click-on-T project funded under the European Erasmus + Program took place between 7 and 10 September in Santiago de Compostela.
The project focuses on the exchange of good practices relating to awareness-raising and adult education on climate change.
A delegation of 21 people belonging to the 5 partner organizations of the project (4 from the Italian Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile, 5 from the Romanian Asociata-ProXpert, 4 from the Polish CEBS organization, 4 from the Lithuanian Socinvest and 4 from the Federacion EFA Galicia) met in the Galician town to share 4 days of learning that saw them engaged in different learning activities including:
“visual communication on climate change” workshop on the use of images to animate reflection on the causes and effects of climate change, their correlation and the actual and perceived impact on the environment and people’s lives
– workshop on the use of visual storytelling in adult learning paths on climate change;
– seminar on dissemination activities within the project which allowed partners to share the dissemination experiences conducted so far and to plan new actions to be taken – in particular in view of the Erasmus day scheduled for 14-15 and 16 October next;
– group work on innovative practices to mitigate the negative effects of agricultural activity on the climate;

– guided tour of the cooperative of milk producers CLUN which carries out a project for the production of milk and derivatives using techniques aimed at reducing the environmental impact of this activity and offsetting the carbon footprint;

– guided tour of Casa Grande de Xanceda, a farm now in its third generation that chose in the 2000s to undertake the conversion project into an organic farm and became the first Galician company and the second in Spain to produce exclusively organic milk and derivatives

– guided tour of the Ganaderia Sanchez family farm – milk producers – who have joined a project aimed at adopting agricultural production techniques capable of reducing the impact on the environment.

These activities allowed participants on the one hand to get to know new realities and deepen their knowledge and on the other to acquire new educational methodologies to improve the quality of non-formal learning in adult education.

The attention to the production of milk and derivatives is linked to the centrality that this sector plays in the production reality in Galicia (which alone contributes 40% to the total production of milk in Spain) and it is precisely in this sector that projects and good practices to reduce the impact on the environment that were examined during this LTT.

The theme of sustainability was the guiding theme of these days, to try to promote eco-efficient lifestyles and production, careful to mitigate their impacts on the environment around us and able to guarantee new opportunities for future generations.

At the same time – on Wednesday 8 September – again at the Escuela de Administración Pública in Galicia, 6 managers of the project partner organizations, who also participated in the learning activities, gathered in the second Transnational Project Meeting: a day dedicated to coordination project activities to take stock of what has been achieved so far also in light of the situation linked to the pandemic and to plan the next project activities, in particular the LTT scheduled for January 2022 in Romania.

Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile – promoter and coordinator of the project – thanks the Spanish partner Federacion EFA Galicia for the warm welcome and the precious collaboration in organizing the event as well as the Escuela de Administración Pública of Galicia which hosted the 4 days of learning by making available the classrooms and equipment of its headquarters.